Your privacy is essential, so you will notice I inform you throughout your treatment about the confidentiality requirements I am professionally held to. Your privacy and your safety are essential.
I ask questions to discover both the problems you are faced with and what you have been doing with them up to the present. Both your needs and your strengths are necessary to recognize for the best counseling treatment.
I inform you about the options that I am developing for emotional and mental health throughout your treatment.
I ask you to participate in your therapy experience. The best outcomes will be achieved when you weave into your daily life the treatment discussions and exercises. The counseling session is one part of your treatment; how you put it into practice is the fundamental part of counseling.
I make use of your experience and the interactions that occur in the therapy session with the premise that we demonstrate who we are at all times, even in a structured setting like a counseling visit.
I ask for your feedback so that I learn what works well for you to reach your goals. I appreciate a person who is candid and sincere about the interactions they have with me.

Let me know your thoughts about this orientation to counseling.